152 Positive Motivation Affirmations

Affirmations are a way of focusing your mindset back on positive ideas. They consist of positive simple statements about your goals and objectives or about your motivation.  Affirmations can also be about visualization of a goal. Affirmations are used to reinforce positive thoughts, maintain motivation, gain inspiration and maintain inner peace. Affirmations are a way […]

Self Esteem vs Confidence – What You Need To know

For the longest time, in the United States and elsewhere, educational policy makers bought into the idea of self esteem. Please understand that self esteem is a good thing. Nobody’s disputing that. However, according to this educational policy philosophy, for students to perform well in life, they need to have their self esteem built up and encouraged early on.

Top Motivational Movies You Have To See

Looking for motivational movies to watch? Look no further… Here is a comprehensive list of movies for you to watch. Many of these, or most of these, are considered classics. All are inspiring stories that will stick with you for the rest of your life. And here is the list: Rudy Rudy – has always […]

Achieving Greater Mental Power

You might think of your brain as being fairly consistent. You generally have a consistent level of intelligence, your mood is usually pretty steady and on the whole you don’t tend to change all that much. Or so it seems.

In reality though, your brain is constantly changing. Not only is it growing and adapting, but it will also change in terms of what it’s capable of and how you feel. The chemical balance is likely to change a huge amount.

Finding Your True Passion In Life

If you have yet to find your true life’s purpose yet, don’t worry, you’re not alone. It doesn’t mean a failing on your part; it merely says that you’ve been busy taking care of other important things. Just like cultivating your inner creative, finding your true purpose in life is going to take some time and reflection. Here are six simple steps that you can start to take today to help you find your true life’s purpose.

What is Kaizen?

What the heck is Kaizen? Kaizen is a philosophy, with origins in Japan, which is oriented at taking incremental steps towards improving business processes, products, and quality. It can be defined as a continuous effort by all employees of the organization to ensure continuous improvement of all the processes and systems in the organization. It […]

The Power of Mindfulness

Despite appearances, most of us are not truly in control of our own minds. We think we are because we basically have the ability to decide what we want to think about and how we want to act, but this only happens when we consciously make the decision to do that. It only happens when we’re mindful of our thoughts and of our emotions.

5 Minute Guide To Boosting Your Energy

The problem with low energy is that it makes it incredibly difficult to put anything into action. If you have very low energy, then the chances of you being able to commit to a new training program, to a new diet or to a new lifestyle are relatively slim. Motivation is unfortunately predicated on energy, so if your energy is low, so will your sticking power be.

Stress – the Bad and the Not So Bad

You’ve probably been told before that stress is really bad for you. It’s something that is constantly rammed down our throats and we’re constantly being reminded how stress can cause heart problems, cause weight gain and generally cause all manner of problems.